Our Story

"Le Catarina" is a tale of passion, dreams, and family that crossed the Atlantic!

The team, composed of Eloi, Doracy, and Barbara, welcomes you to Le Catarina to share their passion for the Annecy region and Haute-Savoie.

Eloi and Doracy, two Brazilians living in Annecy since 2015, settled in Haute-Savoie to fulfill their life's project and chose Annecy after several visits, notably since 2007.

Barbara, their daughter, has been living in the region since 2002. As a hospitality professional and passionate about the various aspects of the industry, she brings her expertise to Le Catarina.

Sources du Lac d'Annecy

In the 90s, Dora and Eloi had a dream: to create a guesthouse where warm hospitality would break down cultural barriers, inspired by their love of travel and discovery. Their lives were rooted in southern Brazil, in Santa Catarina, where they ran their own business. It was there that the story of "Le Catarina" began to take shape.

After years of hard work, reflection, and preparation, in 2015, Dora and Eloi made the bold decision to sell almost all their possessions in Brazil to retire early and pursue their dream. Before blowing out their sixtieth candles, they settled in Annecy, drawn by the natural beauty and charm of this picturesque town.

Visiting their daughter, Barbara, who was already established in the region, Dora and Eloi fell in love with Annecy in 2007, which strengthened their desire to settle there. After considering various destinations in Europe, their hearts led them to Annecy.

For three years, from 2015 to 2018, they searched the region for the perfect place. After 45 visits and a few disappointments, they finally discovered a chalet that seemed tailor-made for their project. After several months of work, Le Catarina opened its doors in 2019, welcoming its first guests in an atmosphere of friendliness and well-being.

Since then, Le Catarina has celebrated its fifth anniversary, welcomed thousands of guests, and forged lasting friendships. But for Dora, Eloi, and Barbara, the adventure is just beginning.

Their next project is to expand Le Catarina with the construction of the "Cabanon du Catarina". This luxurious pavilion, located on the same property, will offer a unique experience to visitors. On the ground floor, a versatile room will serve as a cinema, seminar room, or space for various well-being practices. Upstairs, a suite will offer breathtaking views of the lake, allowing guests to stay in complete autonomy.

Today, Dora, Eloi, and Barbara are seeking funding and artisans to bring this ambitious project to fruition, convinced that Le Catarina will continue to thrive and enchant those who pass through its doors. And so, the story of this family passionate about travel and warm hospitality continues, with exciting new chapters to write.